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Well hello, gorgeous! Thank you for visiting CLIH!
My name is Joelle.  I’m a twenty something country girl who has an eye for fabulous things. I’ve always had a passion, well maybe it's more accurately described as an obsession, with clothing,  shoes,  accessories, and of course, handbags.  But mostly shoes! Man.  I love a fabulous pair of shoes! I digress but I simply can't help it!

Clothing allows me to express myself in the best way possible. I’ve never been the creative type but have always had a knack for putting together jaw dropping outfits at an affordable price. I decided to join the blogging community to share my enthusiasm for all things fashion. My perspective on clothing is closely aligned with the famous quote "Life is too short to wear boring clothes." Because isn’t that the truth?

I’ve already mentioned that I’m small town, country girl but there's so much more to my story. I married my high school sweetheart, and enrolled in higher education to obtain two degrees in a finance related field. For the past 7 years, I've worked for a small town bank that has recently entered the big leagues.  I’ve never work for any other corporation, it’s my home.  After years in the industry, I realized that one of my passions was for fashion.  Unfortunately, there’s little room for growth in the financial industry that allows a girl to design a runway show.  And let’s be honest, in Buffalo, NY there are very few opportunities in the fashion industry that will pay the bills and support my shoe habit.  So blogging has given me the creative outlet I was craving while helping me to be more confident in my career.  It’s the perfect balance.

I hope you will follow along as we embark on this fabulous journey.  I find myself blogging about clothing, life, and sometimes some randomness.  Who doesn’t love a daily dose of randomness?


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