Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cabin Fever

I got cabin fever and I’m not talking about the horror movie or the claustrophobic reaction.  It’s just a clear obsession with a polished look that steals all of its inspiration from an adorable cabin tucked back in the woods.
I seriously can’t get enough of fur, plaid, and animal prints.  I have already shared with you my pure excitement over this animal print blouse (love, love).  I purchased this fur, full length vest prior to purchasing my Banana Republic vest.  Honestly, I was fearful that the full fur would be highly unflattering so I tried to moderately embrace the trend.  Like I said, that was before I was completely pulled in.  Regardless, the half fur vest sat in my closet for a few months.  I had absolutely no inspiration for it. 
While dressing to meet my sister for a shopping trip, I randomly came up with this assemble, my take on clothes for camping!

Is it a look that everyone will love? Probably not but I thought the animal print blouse and this fur vest were perfect for one another…

 About my look:

Animal Blouse- Macy's, $25.00
Sweater-Target, $19.99
Vest-Forever 21, $32.80
Jeans-Kohls, Rock Republic, $30.00
Boots-DSW, $99.00
Watch-Michael Kors, gift
Bracelet-Stella and Dot

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