Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend Wear

I have decided that for the New Year I will begin it with a SHOPPING BAN. This fantastic but torturous idea came from a fellow coworker who shares my passion for fashion. Since this is going to be a shell shock for me and probably tremendously difficult, I have vowed to attempt a 31 day shopping ban.
For most of you 31 days probably doesn’t seems like a long period of time but for me it seems like an eternity.  In preparation for my month shopping ban my girlfriend and I headed to the mall.  I was in desperate need of a New Year’s outfit. To honor the last shopping day for an entire month this is what I wore.  It was the perfect shopping outfit. I was outrageously comfortable  which hardly ever happens to me!

I wish all of you a fun and safe New Year! Xoxo-

About my look:
Chambray Shirt-Target, $19
Pants-Kohls, $30
Socks-Forever 21 $6
Boots-DSW $99

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