Friday, January 11, 2013

Professor for a day

This outfit is a product of one of my “pondering in my closet sessions”.  I have decided that while I have an undying love for Pinterest. I also have a strong hatred for it.  I tend to become so inspired and excited about the outfits that it sometimes becomes overwhelming which often results in the destruction of my otherwise organized closet.  On this particular day,  I was having huge success creating outfits. 

I've decided that this particular look resembles what I would have imaged my professors to dress like before I attended college.  I should have known better!

Overall, I think it’s a fun assortment of patterns and color.  Isn't the pop of fuschia fantastic? As an added bonus, I was able to wear a blazer from my junior year in college. I had nearly forgotten that I owned it. There's something very gratifying about finding a new uses for an old item!

Happy Friday all!

About my look:
Blazer-Forever 21
Polka dot shirt-Target, $19.99
Belt-Target, $14.99
Watch-Michael Kors, gift
Bag-Michael Kors, gift
Ring-Aldo, $4

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