Monday, May 13, 2013

It's raining, It's pouring...

Playing in the rain is one of my favorite child hood memories.  A majority of my summers as a child were spent at my family’s cabin, one of my favorite places on earth.  On rainy days there was nothing else to do but play in the rain.  I frequently think back to how simple life was then when my biggest worry was whether Mom and Dad would be mad at me for completely destroying my clothing.  It didn’t matter because I enjoyed every single moment splashing around in the rain.

As I got older the tradition transitioned into “mudding” which may have consisted of driving four wheelers through every single mud puddle in sight.  We may or may not have tried to purposely get them stuck in a mud pit so we could “attempt” to get them out while engaging in a massive mud war.  Ooh! I miss those days…

I don’t engage in many mud wars now a days but playing in the rain hasn’t lost its appeal.  There’s a chance it may have even become more glamorous.  While in Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby, my friend and I danced in the rain on Fourth Street to a southern rock band.  Out of all the memories I have stored up with this girl dancing in the rain was by far my favorite!  

About My Look:
Fantastic Umbrella-$14.00, Wal-Mart
Blazer-Gap $98.00 on sale for $69 with 40%
Floral Tank-Kohls
Jeans-$30, AE
Ballet Flats-Target, $25

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