Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Look Book

So I’m just going to put this out there…

I haven’t been adjusting well to a less hectic lifestyle.  I’ve kind of been stuck in over drive since completing my graduate program and it has been causing a huge amount of unnecessary stress.  One morning it occurred to me that I can slow down.  I realized that I don’t have a million and one things to do and then some. I can enjoy each task that is set in front of me.  If I want to run, I can take my time. If I want to go to yoga, I don’t have to feel guilty about shorting myself study hours.  It’s been a total enlightenment.  I realized that I can make life easier on myself by slowing my pace down.  And you know what? This week has been fantastic! I’ve been able to evaluate the areas in my life that I have been neglecting and concentrate on things that I enjoy doing.  It’s refreshing. 

Part of this newly fond enlightenment has been the realization that my shopping habits are out of control.  Since I have so much time to devote to remixing my closet, I’m attempting another shopping ban.  As you all know, I was not successful last time so I have shortened the time period to 14 days (hopefully + some but I’m starting with 14).  I’m dedicated to this challenge this time.  I’ve even begun journeying my thoughts, habits, and outfits.  Today is day 2 of the 14 day challenge and I have already come up with 20 different outfits that I am excited to share with you without adding a single thing to my closet.  

Anyways, that’s a little bit of what has been going on in my mind lately.  Now, on to other business…
Friday’s Look Book is back! Please take a moment to leave a comment below on your favorite look.  As always,  have a fantastic weekend

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