Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Splurge vs. Steal

When it comes to holiday attire there are few things that are more festive than sequins.  I've previously confessed that I'm not one for sparkle.  Truthfully,  I'm not entirely certain who took over my body when I stated that.  The reality is I'm obsessed with all things that sparkle.  I can't help it.   I'm a girl.  Since this is a common case among girly girls, I know you can understand my excitement when I found this sparkly beauty at Target not too long ago.  And you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a very similar version on the J.Crew  Factory Outlet shopping site.  Even with 40% off on the J.Crew version I saved mega bucks.  

So there's two things you should be taking away from this post.  First and foremost, sparkle for the holidays is mandatory and secondly, J.Crew Factory Outlet is having 40% off now.  Ready.  Set.  Shop!
You can splurge here!

You can save here!

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