Monday, January 27, 2014

Surprisingly Radiant

Skirt- Target (old)
Love the vintage feel of this one

Blouse- Kohls (here)

Today's title has everything to do with this radiant orchid colored bag. The truth is I've been craving everything in hot pink. I want one of everything as long as it's pink.  I'm not sure why or where I picked up an obsession with the color pink but it's here and it's real. I ordered this bag because the description said vibrant fuchsia. I was ecstatic when I thought I finally found a reasonably affordable hot pink handbag. 

 I anxiously awaited it's arrival only to be severely disappointed. It's a beautiful color but not the vibrant fuchsia bag I was expecting.  I think it's more accurately described as radiant orchid, don't you? Thank goodness it's a perfect match to Pantone's color of the year or I would have had to go through the hassle of sending something back to the online retailer.  Hate that.

Radiant orchid is the perfect compliment to this emerald skirt.  It really steps up the dynamic of this outfit. If you are not one to incorporate a lot of color into your wardrobe then you can never go wrong with a colored handbag.  It adds the perfect splash of excitement and takes last year's clothing and gives them a refreshing update.

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