Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy

A Confession:

As I have already shared, I have a passion for clothing.  I can safely admit (this is not my confession, adorable outfits take thought!) that I contemplate what to wear the next day at work pretty much all day long.  I plan outfits to events almost a month before the actual event. Although I do admire fabulous designs and high dollar items I am not a brand name junkie by any means. Ok. Here it is…I purchase clothing items from every store you can possibly imagine.   My finance background has been tremendously grounding in my shopping adventures.  While I would love to purchase high dollar items on a regular basis to add to my collection I know all too well that saving for the future is important.  I am not against shopping at any store.  You can find items in my closet purchased from stores ranging from J.Crew to Walmart.  I love trends but let’s face it in the country there short lived.  I can’t justify spending tons of money on items that I will donate next season.  Also, my husband would kill me. 
So, before we start this amazing blogging journey you should know that my fashion sense knows no bounds. I am not ashamed to save $50.00 on a white tee by picking it up at my local Wal-mart for $3.88. I’ll wear it proudly and my admirers will never know the difference!  (Well…now they willJ) That being said, there are a few items I splurge on but that’s for another day.

Today’s outfit:
I’m not posting this outfit because I think it’s ridiculously fashionable but because I am obsessed with the cobalt blue pencil skirt I am wearing.  This morning was a rough start to my day.  My husband’s pit bull did not allow me the leisure of picking out a super fabulous outfit. Oh well! This is real life, right?
I have found this addition to my collection to be worth every penny. I purchased it from Target for $24.99 in the beginning of the summer. I have worn it so many times, so many different ways.  The color allows me to wear it as if it’s my favorite pair of jeans. It goes with almost anything!
I apologize for the crappy cell phone snapshot.  It will have to get the point across until I come up with other way of capturing my outfits. Thanks dolls!

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