Friday, August 31, 2012

Honesty is the BEST policy...

Honesty is very important to me, I value it in people. I have promised myself to be as blatantly honest as possible while composing my blogs. So I’m just going to put this out there. Since I have created this blog I have hit an inspiration road block.  I have been unable to come up with anything that I am super excited to show off.  I don’t know what has happened.  I haven't  pinpointed if it’s the pressure of actually having to blog about my outfits or I'm bored with the season and ready to move on. I am trying to convince myself that I am super excited about the fall trends and  not the fact that I am not as fashion forward as I had hoped.

School starts this Saturday, I would definitely be lying if I said I wasn't petrified.  I have been sick to my stomach  all week.  I really love learning and going back to school but my program is intense.  I think that in the back of my mind I know that school is starting and the time I have spent day dreaming about clothing will be clouded by ratios, investments, and studying.

That's totally besides the point, my boredom and blah-ness has resulted in my usual work attire for a majority of this week. Pencil skirts are staples in my fashion diet, my life would not be the same without them. On Wednesday, I decided to be Charlotte (Sex and the City) classy with pearls, ruffles, bows, and leopard.
I love the traditional look of my outfit plus the soft color of my blouse makes it feel more transitional for the season change. When the weather starts to cool down I will pair this outfit with a burgundy cardigan.

I can’t wait to dive into the fun fall prints and jewel tones.  I hate winter but I adore the fall and I think this fall the fashion trends are going to continue being fun and outrageous which I love!
Shopper Awareness: Since prints and color are going to continue to be big this season keep your eye open for tribal prints on scarves and blouses maybe even pants (if you’re brave). Amp up your accessories with textured materials perhaps a studded handbag? Don’t be afraid of color!!!

About my look:
Earings-Target (love love love!)

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