Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuck it in

Tuck it in, tuck it in...I am willing to bet that you just sang that as you read it,right? Sorry about that, for some reason I thought today's title needed a song to go along with it. 

Last Friday was another “Jeans Day” at work, my evening after work was looking pretty busy so I need an outfit that could easily transition from day to night.  I have been feeling like my country roots lately so I decided to indulge by pairing my flower print crochet tank with my new AE distressed denim. The two items made a perfect pair besides the fact that I hate the way this shirt fits me. Usually, I love longer shirts but this one is long and loose which does not flatter my chest or my waist.  
Have you noticed a lot of people wearing the fronts of their shirts tucked in? I have seen it everywhere and have kind of passed this look off as a hipster trend. Well wouldn’t you know that there is a purpose behind this? It has successfully solved my problem of hating the way this particular shirt hung on my body. I was able to tailor my look by just tucking in the front of my shirt and adding a belt, simple enough! It had a similar outcome as tying a button up.
I am really pleased with the effectiveness of this little secret. I will definitely be utilizing it more often as shirt shopping has been EXTREMELY difficult lately with all the styles being “oversized”. It’s like the clothing designers have forgotten that there’s a whole group of women out there that have actually grown out of their training bras. J Go ahead, give it a try!

About my outfit:
Flower Tank-Forever 21 (about a year ago)
Grey Tank-Walmart
Jeans-American Eagle
Belt-Banana Republic
Shoes-Target (recently, on sale $8.98)
Large Ring-Target
Small white stone ring-County fair (one of the best places to find unique jewelry pieces)

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