Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Research Project

Remember my rant about saving my pennies by purchasing my white tee at Wal-mart? Well…thanks to this amazing blog world I was introduced to a fantastic t-shirt company called, Everlane.  The company has set out to redefine the retail model by cutting out the physical store and the middleman.  The result is a high quality product at a really affordable cost. 

Since I am new to the blogging work I decided to take this on as a research project.  I  purchased one t-shirt to determine whether it is worth spending $15.00 on a t-shirt rather than $3.88? Is comfort worth spending the extra money to get the $100.00 feel? 
I purchased the shirt for my husband since he literally lives in t-shirts.  He absolutely loves super soft materials, I thought what better person to experiment with? J  I was very surprised at how quickly the purchased arrived at my house, I purchased the shirt on a Wednesday afternoon and received it the following Saturday morning-Now that’s service! It arrived nicely packaged and it was tremendously soft to touch.

My husband approved, he loved the super soft feel and it fit him really well.  I have to say that the softness of the shirt made my husband that much more delectable to touch. J Needless to say, I will be purchased more of his t-shirts from this fantastic company and probably a few for myself! This company is Country Liviving in Heels approved and highly recommended!

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