Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Grown

I found this photo on Pinterest before I purchased my J.Crew necklace. I thought it to be the perfect summer outfit.  Under normal circumstances I would never purchase a solid white sundress, I just don’t think it is practical. This inspiration photo gave my white sundress a whole new purpose. When I finally broke down and purchased the necklace I recreated this look immediately!!  I had the exact same colored sweater that I purchased from Target the summer before for $19.99.  It made a very playful mid-summer outfit.

I hate that summer is drawing to a close so last Thursday I decided to take my white sundress for one more outing before retiring until next year.  I choose to recreate my Pinterest pin once again, only slightly different…I opted for my orange-y red sweater.  I love the bold contrast!
I am treading dangerously close to wearing the typical "country girl" attire. Just add a pair of western boots and I am ready to go to my favorite country concert! ;)
I paired my outfit with a few of my favorite accessories!!

I am sure you all remember that last Thursday was my wedding anniversary well I have a funny coincidental story about my outfit.  I purchased this dress to wear to my bridal shower 4 years ago!!! Because I was convinced that a white sundress was only for special occasions, it has never be worn since until this summer.  Once before last Thursday and then again on my anniversary, this was completely unintentional.  I think it was kind of a cool coincidence…
Totally off topic, my mom brought me some of vegetables from her garden last week.  She had grown yellow tomatoes this year which are my absolute favorite! It was so delicious that it definitely deserved to be blogged about.  There is nothing better than homegrown vegetables especially when they are cared for by someone you love and remind you of your childhood! Another plus of country livin'! <3

My outfit:
Watch-Michael Kors
Purse-Jessica Simpson -$7.99 (steal!)
Bracelet-random find in some old jewelry

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