Monday, August 27, 2012

Adoration Monday: Fishy Business

I think it is incredibly important to shower people in compliments.  If I love something they are wearing or the way they are doing the hair, etc., I make sure to tell them.  I do it to almost anyone friends, family, and complete strangers. It definitely makes my day when someone gifts me a compliment so why not return the favor?  That is why I will be doing Adoration Monday’s.  Whether it’s their style or just because they are simply fabulous! I will make an effort to recognize someone every Monday.
Today’s adoration contender is not an individual, sorry to disappoint but they are beyond deserving.
This weekend, Wade and I celebrated our 4 year wedding Anniversary.  We spent a day at sea while not actually leaving land (I’ll share more on our day at a later date). Both Wade and I love seafood so it was only appropriate that we celebrated with a full blown seafood feast! I searched the internet for “seafood in buffalo, NY” and discovered The Viking Lobster Company. 
When we pulled up to the establishment, I will admit I was kind of concerned.  I don’t mess around with seafood ever since I had food poising after indulging on escargot.   Apparently, I have forgotten about not judging a book by its cover, the food was A-mazing! I was so impressed with this restaurant and I adore the staff. 

This week’s Adoration Monday pick is The Viking Lobster Co.
The service was amazing and extremely friendly.  I instantly felt like I made a new friend when I sat down at the table.  Our server, who happened to also be the owner, was energetic and happy to share with us her favorites on the menu.  The 2.5 hour seating was perfect for our anniversary celebration, between each course (so. much. food!) we were able to enjoy each other’s company and our bottle of wine. 

Since we are both seafood lovers we ordered the lobster eggrolls, oyster casinos, and The Ultimate Viking Feast to split. As you can see, it was tons of food...

The total cost of the meal was $125.00, well worth it for the amount of food we had. We brought home so many leftovers!  There was enough  for a midnight snack and breakfast in the AM. It was all so delicious!

Stack of leftovers! Mmm...

If you love seafood, I highly recommend visiting The Viking Lobster Co., it was such an amazing dining experience and the food was so favorful! 

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