Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arm Candy

I have made it a practice to gift my friends and family with a piece of jewelry for special events.  It is one of my favorite things to give someone. I feel like it’s something that person will always remember.  I know whenever I put on a piece of jewelry that was given to me as a gift I always think of that person.  It brings a little smile to my face.  It was when I realized that I do this often when wearing a piece that was gifted to me that I decided to start gifting jewelry more.  I told you all, I am a sucker for sentimental things!
I have always loved bracelets but sometimes it is hard to make a statement with them. Most of the time there is not enough of an impact with one dainty bracelet.  I struggled with each one of the bracelets in this photograph. I loved all of them but by themselves they were lost and hardly recognized.  I decided to throw an arm fiesta to give them the attention they deserved.  I think it worked well. They are beautiful pieces by themselves and hold lots of memories but they work really well together.  I wore this collect of bracelets together frequently throughout the summer.  I love them all together. They add a fancy/girly element to my look.
Three of the four bracelets were gifts.  From left to right, the pearl bracelet was a piece I wore on my wedding day, the opal bracelet was given to me as a x-mas gift from my Grandma, Wade purchased the diamond bracelet for a Valentine’s day gift the first year we were married, and the last one was a gift from my mother and father law for x-mas last year.  See, my philosophy really does work.  Each item I remember the occasion, reason, and individual that gave me the gift. What’s your favorite thing to gift?

As requested, a close up of my shoes!

My outfit:
Black Blouse- T.J. Ma
Pants-Old Navy $19.50
Shoes-Maurices $35.00

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