Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday Wear

I have another confession for you.  I never realized that casual clothing could be stylish too.  Whenever I thought of wearing a t-shirt my usual thoughts were with a baggy pair of sweat pants.  It never really occurred to me that had other possibilities.  Also, it never occurred to me that a cardigan could be worn casually.  For whatever reason, I never paired a cardigan with a pair of jeans as weekend wear. DUH!
There has always been this weird separation issue happening in my closet between work clothes and weekend wear. The two wardrobes rarely intermingled.  Thanks to Pinterest, the separation issue has vanished.  I found this Polyvore creation on Pinterest and decided I had all the items required to bring the creation to life. 

Last Saturday was a perfect day to wear the look.  I wore it to class and really enjoyed wearing it. It was comfortable enough to sit through my 8 hour lecture and easily transitioned into Saturday errands with mom in the evening.
About my outfit:
Cardigan-Target $19.99
T-shirt-Walmart $3.88
Jeans- American Eagle $30.00
Necklace- J.Crew
Shoes-Charlotte Russe

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