Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a hoot!

During the summer Billy’s Gift, Inc. was invited to celebrate our town’s bicentennial.  The day consisted of a parade, fair, and activities for the children.  For such a small town there were several vendors displaying their merchandise.  I came across this display of lockets that immediately caught my eye.  It was the first time I have ever heard of the company, Origami Owl.  I immediately fell in love with the concept.  I am a sucker for sentimental things. I decided to host a book party so I could start my collection. I am very fond of this jewelry company so I thought I would share with all of you. 
I decided on the gold locket.  I selected charms that told my life story but at the same time could be very versatile.  I have expressed this before, I love vintage so when I saw the selection of vintage charms I was all over it.

I choose the “inspire” plate for a reminder of what I want to accomplish with this blog and in life.  I have always wanted to be the inspirer in people’s life and never the person that brings them down.  I selected the rose because roses are my favorite flower but also because they remind me of my adorable G-Ma.  The hummingbird is in remembrance of my Grandma Lelia who passed away. The “B” is for my last name and the pink stone for my birthstone. The vintage silhouette cameo I have always loved. I am a huge fan of these living lockets. I think they make great gifts for any occasion and I love that you can change them to fit with any outfit.

This was my first outfit with the Origami locket.

I wore the cameo and the rose charms.  I was really happy with the way the copper and gold complemented my outfit.  And I thought that cameo was a perfect match for the bow belt. I am also really excited about this belt.  I fancy girly things so when I found this belt for $3.00, I was beyond excited!!!
My Oufit:

Sweater-H & M
Belt-Burlington Coat Factory
Necklace-Orgami Owl

*If you are interested in hosting a party let me know! I know a really great consultant for you!

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