Monday, October 1, 2012

It's all about the tights

Happy MONDAY everyone! I feel especially refreshed on this Monday morning now that the hussle for Billy’s Gift has paid off.  The event was a HUGE success and went extremely well.  To all of you that was able to attend the event, again thank you!!! I greatly appreciate your support! In addition to having a successful fundraiser this weekend, I also finished but my Investment course for my MBA! Heck yeah!!! One down, five more to go!! Overall, it was a very successful weekend for me.
Fall weather is in full fledge here in Buffalo so it has been perfect weather to break out my polka dot tights.  Last Monday, I wore these adorable tights with my tan shirt dress.  I should have purchased 100 pairs of these tights because I am so in love with them.  Out of all the fall items I couldn’t wait to wear and invest in some crazy adorable tights!!! I am all about the tights this year!

My outfit:
Dress Target: $24.99
Tights-Forever 21-$6.80
Necklace-Charlotte Russe

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