Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life's a beach

This past weekend Wade and I took a mini vacation with our friends to Massachusetts. It was really relaxing. We enjoyed each other’s company the old fashion way and it was fantastic! We spent a day roaming the vacant shorelines, enjoying the scenery, and eating and drinking.  Did I mention already that it was fantastic? It really was so relaxing and low key with and crammed full of amazing food!!!
When packing for our mini trip I tried to keep in mind that I am always cold and I have a history of packing really uncomfortable clothing which makes me a grump.  I think it’s safe to say that I have become to know myself. I tried really hard not to fall into old habits, I just can’t help it something inside my brain connects vacation with “must wear most fashionable clothing”.  
Since heels are the main source of my uncomfort when on vacation, I ditched them immediately.  I spent a lot of time dreaming up cozy fall outfits that were every bit of comfortable while still making me feel fashionable.
This is what I wore while wondering the shorelines of Massachusetts. I got the color inspiration from J.Crew and just happened to have all the items to make it work.  I have never worn a belt on the outside of my jacket before but I must admit that I am a huge fan.  I purchased this jacket from Old Navy about a year ago for $7.80 but I have only worn it a couple of times.  The jacket is very boxy and is difficult to work with.  Placing the belt on the outside solved my problems.

Julie managed to snap this super adorable photograph of Wade and me.  Getting a nice photo of my husband and I has been a very difficult task, normally he is making funning faces or doing something ridiculous so I had to share this one!

About my outfit:

Scarf-Banana Republic, long time ago, ???
Long sleeve shirt-Target, recently, $12
Jacket-Old Navy, last year, $7.80
Belt-Target, recently, $14.99
Socks-DSW, last year, $10.99
Boots-DSW, recently, $99.00
Jeans-Rock Republic-Kohls, 8  months ago, $39.99

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