Friday, October 5, 2012

Lesson learned

Have any of you been sucked into Bravo’s new series Gallery Girls? Probably not, sadly I have.  I couldn’t really tell you what I find so appealing about the show. I think it’s mostly the characters amazing styles.  There’s such a wide variety to choose from and I love all of their individual looks.

On one of the episodes Liz sported this amazing gold link chain.  It was so elegant and fabulous that I was instantly hooked and determined to find my own.  I managed to find the piece in the J.Crew catalogue for a whopping $168.00.  I just couldn’t bring myself to make the same mistake twice so I passed up the J.Crew necklace and vowed to find a more affordable version.
Mission complete!! I manage to find my necklace on for only $42.00.  Wait! It gets sweeter! The day I discovered Bauble Bar’s version, they were offering an extra $10.00 off for new members!!! Can you say MINE!?
I was slightly nervous about the quality but that was foolish because the item arrived beautifully packaged in a velvet carrying case.  The merchandise was perfect!!  I am very pleased with my find and extremely grateful that I didn’t waste $168.00 on the J.Crew necklace.  My patience and determination saved me $136.00 + dollars…normally I would've had to pay shipping and handling with Bauble Bar shipping both ways is FREE!
I was so excited when the package finally arrived at my house that I had to coordinate an outfit to wear it with the next day to work.  This is what I came up with….

About my outfit:

Necklace-Bauble Bar
Taupe Button Up-Target, last year, on sale $5.98
Green Sweater-Target, last year, $19.99
Pants-Old Navy, recently, on sale $19.80
Shoes-JCP, last year, ???
Belt-Target, last year but still in stores, $14.99

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