Thursday, October 4, 2012

Billy's Gift

If you didn’t attend the Billy’s Gift Fall into Love event last Saturday you are probably wondering what I wore…
The week leading up to the event was EXTREMELY chaotic.  I was finishing up my investment course as well as preparing for a major event.  All the little details that I decided to leave until the last minute added up quickly. Needless to say, there was very little time to dream up an outfit.  I had something in mind but by the time I had enough time to go shopping I didn’t have enough time to search for it. 
I knew I wanted to incorporate my new favorite necklace, so I settled on a shirt that I had been admiring from Target for months and a blazer.  I promised myself that I would wear flat shoes.  I wore high heels to last year’s event and I paid for it. I thought my new boots were up to the challenge hoping they would be comfy. Unfortunately, I was wrong but in their defense nothing would have been comfortable because the grown was so hard and cold.

I was delighted with the way this outfit turned out for being thrown together last minute.  The cognac boots made the look more casual. The necklace made its statement when up against the soft rose color and the shirt and blazer made the outfit look sophisticated enough for a nonprofit event. And the best part was that I was comfortable enough to run around like a crazy person all night long.

About my look:
Before I tell you all about my outfit, I think I need to give you the DL on my Target obsession. I have always loved Target’s clothing but recently I haven’t been able to leave without purchasing something.  Their clothing is so cute right now.  I promise that I normally diversify my shopping but as of lately I have been able to find items that I highly desire at an abnormally affordable price.  I would be crazy to pass up some of the items just to expand my shopping horizon. Plus, in this particular case when I was extremely short on time, Target is in walking distance to my work. J
Jeans-American Eagle, $30.00
Shirt-Target, $19.99
Blazer-Target, $24.99- Side note- for being from Target's junior section this blazer it is really nice and looks like a high quality blazer-BONUS!
Necklace-, $32.00
Boots-DSW, Bandolino, $99.95-my splurge of the season, I was tired of getting a work out every time I put on a pair of “cheap” boots.

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