Thursday, October 4, 2012

Green with Evny

Shockingly today’s outfit was not inspired by Kim Kardashian’s look. And in this particular case there is abolutely no reason to be envious of Kim's look.  I personally think it is one of the worse dresses i have seen her in but I needed something to draw you in!!

While stalking Kim’s blog, I came across this photo of her in this emerald green dress which happened to matched my outfit perfectly.  It was all the confirmation that I needed to know that great minds think alike and that I should totally be Kim's stylist (said in a very sacrastic tone). Obviously, Kim shares in my adoration of this color. I feel like it has been completely underappreciated and overlooked, it's a fabulous color.

Last week a co-worker and I headed to Target on our lunch break, she pointed out this lace skirt.  I have to be honest if it wasn’t for her I would have completely passed this item up.  I am so grateful that she knows my style so well because I think this skirt is divine. I scooped up the skirt Friday night along with the shirt.  They paired perfectly together and the color is beautiful, very sexy.  The look is 100% inspired by the 1960’s.  I am completely shocked that this outfit looks so elegant and if I may say so expensive for the cost, would you agree? 

What is my favorite part about this skirt? You would be 100% correct if you guessed the zipper!! It adds such a classy/unexpected touch!
About my outfit:
Skirt-Target $19.99
Shirt-Target $24.99
Shoes-Target $29.99 (last year)
Earrings-Charlotte Russe $6.00

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