Thursday, November 29, 2012


Signing up to receive the J. Crew catalogue was by far the best fashion decision of my life.  All of their outfits are artfully created and extremely appealing.  Since I can’t afford their high end brands, this magazine is strictly inspirational.  Today’s looks is 100% inspired from a J.Crew catalogue.  Their stylists ability to make fashion must have’s with any color or pattern combination is astonishing!! I’m so envious of their talents! This magazine has shown me new ways to use color that never even occurred to me.

I think it’s safe to say that I am wholeheartedly embracing the color trend and I am having a blast with it. Thank you, J.Crew.  Dressing has become so much fun! It’s like my own paint canvas.  Trust me, I am in no way talented with a paint brush.   This outfit has it all, in your face color, stripes, leopard, and really girly things! How can you not love it?  Ha! 

What color and pattern combinations are you experimenting with this season?

About my look:
Shirt-Old Navy
Necklace-J.Crew Factory outlet, $26.80- For sale at J.Crew for $88.00-YIKES!
Belt-Burlington Coat Factory

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