Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disco 2012

This is a tad delayed as the World’s Largest Disco happened a little over two weeks ago.  I had so much fun that I completely forgot about the photos I took. J
Last year, Wade and I were invited to attend the World’s Largest Disco with our good friends.  Since Wade and I, mainly me, are always up for a costume event, we (I) gladly accepted. It was our first time attending and we had a fantastic time.  This is the first year’s outfits.  I think we did an decent job considering we had no idea what to expect…

World's Largest Disco 2011
This year, I still struggled with creating a perfect disco outfit.  I wanted to embrace the fashion of the time period and not mock it.  There are some serious style icons that arrived from the 70’s. Some of the styles are evening popping up in fashion today. I remember being completely amazed at some of the outfits the year before so I set out to create a stellar outfit this year.  Unfortunately, I was less than successful once I got a glimpse of the “professional” disco goers.  I did, however, get lots of compliments on my dress and I feel like it was a score being that it is something I am planning on wearing again soon!

World's Largest Disco 2012

We had a fantastic time again this year.  The four of us have created some fantastic memories attending this event and I look forward to it for years to come!

Foxy Ladies! Get down

A bunch of cheese weasels 

Disco Friends <3

See you on the flip side!

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