Friday, December 7, 2012

Ski high

On the “BIGGEST" night of the year I found myself without any brainstormed outfits.  I can’t imagine why my brain was so busy that it forgot to prepare an outfit for the eve of Thanksgiving! I managed to throw together a couple items that have been patiently waiting in my closet for their debut…
Yes, again with the fur vest.  I can’t get enough! I would seriously wear it every day.  These ski high booties are yet another fabulous design by J. Lo at Kohl’s.  I was reluctant to try them on because I feared they wouldn’t fit.  After some serious coercion from my fabulous friend, I caved in.  Since they fit perfectly, I couldn’t leave them behind.  I’m glad I didn’t because they make a perfect addition to my shoe collection.  Another job well done, J.Lo!
Since the outfit was kind of bland on color, I decided to mix an assortment of arm candy to complete the look.  Bracelets have become my new fashion love affair.  I can’t get enough of gorgeous bangles!

About my look:
Vest-Banana Republic
Shirt-JCP, $18.00
Leggings- QVC, $37.50
Boots-J. Lo @ Kohls, $64.99
Chain link, Free +shipping
Blue bangle-Anne Taylor Outlet, $19.15

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