Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kudos to J. Lo

When the Kardashians announced their line at Sears, I was overjoyed.  They are by far my favorite celebrities and I have mad respect for their style.  I was so elated that the count to it’s arrive was daunting. I clearly built the line up way too much.  They have ok shoes but the other items are less than Kardashian quality. 

I was tremendously excited about their line of jeans as well.  It’s no secret that I share one major similarity with the Kardashians, we have booties! Finding jeans that fit my body is a really difficult task.  My fellow ladies blessed with the task of carrying a voluminous back end around know what I’m talking about.  There is always a problem, too big in the waste, too short, too tight, and the list goes on.  I thought for sure the Kardashians would have nailed this.  They understand the many struggles of finding clothing that properly fits a booty.  I thought “Their jeans have to be perfect for a girl like me.”  Well…I found myself very disappointed.  My normal size wouldn’t even come up over my thighs.  They run extra small, even the curvy Khloe fit.  These girls have severally let me down. Shame on you!

Mixing prints again!
So you can imagine when my girlfriend, who also has a stellar behind, recommended J.Lo’s line at Kohl’s, I was naturally skeptical.  However, her jeans were so cute that I had to at least look into it.  I found myself falling in complete and udder love.  I think it’s safe to say that J. Lo has surpassed the Kardashians on my scale of awesomeness.  I not only loved the jeggings, I could have gone down a size (makes any girl feel good).  I also fell in love with all of her dresses.  Not all but a majority of the items are decently priced and made of quality materials unlike the Kardashian insanely cheap/scratchy materials.  Her clothing seemed to be cut to flatter a silhouette like mine.  Thanks, J. Lo for remaining true and recognizing that we “non-celebrities” deserve great style that is true to real figures.  I really believe that J. Lo is heavily involvement with this line.  All of the items I could see her wearing which speaks loudly of her character. 

Adorable detailing always gets me!

About my look:
Blouse-Old Navy, $24.50
Blazer-Loft, $90.00 with 40% off (score)
Pants-J. Lo @ Kohls, can't remember the exact price around $30.00
Necklace-JCP, $7.00
Shoes-Payless, $14.99

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