Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sequins and Plaid

Christmas and New Year’s would not be complete without some Sparkle. I’m not a huge advocate for sparkle clothing but will gladly admit that it’s a requirement of the season. I have had both of the sequin items featured below for a few years. They have literally been chilling in my closet with their tags forever.  With some inspiration from J.Crew and Sole Society, I created the perfect look for them. Without further ado these are my Christmas outfits…
Last Saturday, Wade and I were invited to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of our really good friend’s daughter Zoey.  Immediately following the birthday celebration, we were on our way to Wade’s family Christmas party.  I thought that there was no better occasion for this collection of holiday attire than back to back parties. On the plus side, this outfit was ridiculously comfortable for a day of celebrations.  

I purchased this sequin skirt from Sears almost 2 years ago during the summer months.  I had a complete Kourtney Kardashian look prepared for a night out on the town.  Against my better judgment I didn’t try the skirt on.  I hated the way it fit. It was way too puffy for the look I was trying to achieve. This plaid shirt did a much better job of calming down the puffiness!

I transition the same plaid shirt into a work appropriate Christmas Eve look.  This inspiration came to me in my Sole Society newsletter with my most recent shoe purchase (Merry Christmas to me!).  I decided that it was a the perfect opportunity to wear this Express Sequin Blazer. I purchased the blazer from  The original price of this blazer was $128.00, thanks to it came home for the small price of $14.99!

About my looks:
Plaid Shirt- Old Navy, $17
Belt-Old Navy, $14 for 2


  1. I love this look!! You've put me on the quest to find the perfect sequin jacket now :)

  2. I am so thrilled that you like this outfit! Your feedback means so much to me, thank you! While shopping today, I came across a sequin blazer at JCPenny that was adorable. It was a tuxedo blazer but it would do the trick. Again, thanks for the feedback!