Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Must stay warm.

Last weekend I babbled on about how cheerful and bright my winter has been.  I must have jinxed myself because this week has been unbearable and it’s only Wednesday!  I am so completely over winter weather.  I am tired of having to bundle up like I’m braving the tundra and frankly, there is nothing exciting and adorable about a coat that makes me look like a 300 pound Eskimo (please excuse the slight exaggeration).

It does not help that the stores have all these bright amazing spring colors filling the shelves.  I want so badly for warmer weather to be upon us.  Regardless, my desire to please all of my fabulous viewers has pushed me through. With today’s look, I was aiming to stay warm. Thankfully, my puffer vest satisfied that request.    

I have been so busy getting creative in my closet that I am slightly behind on sharing my looks with you.  I wore this look to work on New Year’s Eve.  I wanted to add some sparkle while being comfortable and as I already mentioned warm.  I thought that it was a fun/fresh way to incorporate some sparkle.  And yes, I am aware that I broke a “fashion rule” by mixing black and brown but in my mind there are no rules! It makes dressing much more fun!

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