Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was given this list of 9 daily habits that could help make me happier.  As I was reading through the list of habits, I thought how each one could probably increase happiness on a daily basis. But one in particular was screaming at me: “Give a gift to everyone you meet.” The article was not referring to a formal present but a smile, a kind gesture, or words of encouragement. 

This concept of giving someone a gift is something that I have been pondering a lot  lately.  I find myself wondering if all the violence and hate in today’s world is a product of our own discourtesy.  What is the power of a warm gesture?  Can a simple smile change someone’s life perspective? Yesterday, I received my answer.  It makes all the difference and here is why…
Yesterday, after reading the 9 habits article, I had a doctor’s appointment.  As I was leaving, an elderly woman was preparing to leave.  I started to walk out the door, as I opened the door the “give a gift” habit popped into my head.  I decided to wait and hold the door for the lady.   I realize that this gesture of holding the door for an elderly woman does not make me an outstanding citizen, it is a common courtesy. However, she was all the way across the office and had barely put one arm into her jacket. I didn't HAVE to hold it for her.

When the lady was finally dressed to exit the office, I opened the door for her only to be greeted on the other side with another elderly woman.  This woman was smiling from ear to ear. Her gigantic smile was impossible to ignore and put an instant smile on my face.  She proceeded to say “Thank you so much! It has been so long since anyone your age has opened the door for me. That was very kind of you.” I smiled and said “you are welcome.”
As I walked to my car, I realized that my simple gesture to bless a stranger gave me great happiness. A gift I didn't even expect to receive.  The smile on the woman’s face was priceless!  What kind of impact would there be if we all took a moment to give a gift?
Just some random thoughts…

Now, onto clothing! Today's look is a product of my attempt to "remix" my wardrobe.  I am having so much fun with trying new combinations! Some things that I have been doing are:

...Layering loads of arm candy!

...using leopard like it's a solid! (FUN!)

And layering my favorite pieces! Lots of layers!

About my look:
Leopard Blazer- Loft, $45.00
Collared Shirt- Charlotte Russe, $15
Pants-Target, $15
Boots- Dots, $30

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  1. Loved the story. Yes, People do not realize that a simple smile, a Have a Good day or holding a door can brighten someones day.