Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Winter has me in somewhat of a style rut, please believe me when I say, it’s not by choice.  I think this is my 1,000,000th outfit featuring a cardigan and a button up shirt- I just can’t help it!  The two of them are so warm and cozy layered together. So if I happen to be boring you over the next couple of weeks, you will have to forgive me. Surviving the final days of winter is of the utmost importance.

 I fully recognize that there are other means of layering items to survive the cold months but as I have already mentioned my closet is lacking necessary items to layer adorably and the fact that I am in hibernation mode doesn’t help.  Winter hibernation Style Syndrome (WHSS) has resulted in a serious creative thinking brain fart! Here's to hoping spring brings some bright ideas. 

Layering accessories is an easy style out!

Bundled up in my new Michaels Kors wrap coat-LOVE!

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