Monday, February 18, 2013


I have always been fond of a sophisticated outfit.  I can recall admiring older women for their well put together outfits.  I guess my style has always been a little beyond my years.  For awhile, I was stuck on trying to accomplish a very grown up wardrobe but then I realized that I’m only young once.  So I have adapted the very annoying term, YOLO (cough, cough), into my dressing habits.  If I think it’s a little funky or out there I always resort back to the same justification-YOLO!...  and walk my butt out the door, never looking back! This sometimes results in adorable/crazy outfits that people love and sometimes I embark on an outfit that should have never left the house-oh well!

 In any case, there are the occasional moments when I have the craving for the ultimate sophisticated look and today’s outfit is proof that I give in to my frequent cravings.  I added a touch of randomness by tying my bow in a scarf and called it a day.  

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