Friday, March 15, 2013

Mrs. Crew

I’ve decided that the chambray shirt should never go out of style and since I’ve decided this it has to be a rule, right? I feel like I pair it with everything and would be terribly devastated if it was to disappear from the fashion scene. This simple shirt makes everything I pair it with look sophisticated, polished, rich. It can be worn casual or dressed up with pearls or even accomplish a head to toe J.Crew look.  If there is a Mrs. Crew, this is how I imagine her to dress.  A pinch of attitude with the leopard blazer but otherwise classic all the way around, basically perfection! 

Blazer-Loft, $89.50 @ 40% off= $35.80
Necklace-J.Crew Factory Outline, $26 @ 30% off=$20

Chambray Shirt-Target, $19.99
Belt-Target, $16.99
Pants-Old Navy, $19
Shoes- JCP, $35

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