Monday, April 15, 2013

Leopard Ye or Neh?

I recently had a gentlemen friend of mine express his feelings about leopard print.  In his opinion, leopard was a less than elegant pattern choice for women and he preferred when women didn’t wear it. His thoughts were that the pattern looked cheap and unsophisticated.  Well… that’s not exactly how he phased his statement but regardless he didn’t appreciate leopard. This got me thinking, is leopard really an “unattractive” pattern choice?

After some thought, I had to agree with my friend on some level.  Leopard can appear very scandalous but when applied appropriately leopard can be incredibly gorgeous and fun! Today’s outfit is the perfect example…

Leopard Shirt- H & M $19
Sweater- J.Crew on sale for $24.80

Belt- Target $16.99
Watch- Michael Kors-Gift