Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Madly Romantic

Sometimes my alter ego forces me to give in to my undeniable urges to dress a little on the wild side. I can’t help it! Sometimes edgy is better. And it’s definitely more fun! I don’t see anything wrong with adding a hint of punk to polish off a look. It has virtually the same effect as a pinch of color.  It is also true that I love all things girly and twirly.  It’s not completely out of character for me to be uber girly one day and edgy the next.

What’s fantastic about today’s outfit is that my two alter style ego’s have finally collaborated. And let’s be honest, they’re pretty spectacular when they work together! What’s not to love about this look? Leather and camo, two highly controversial fabrics, mixed with a little romance. FUN! When I asked my husband if I looked completely crazy he replied “yes, but it’s a good kind of crazy.” That’s exactly the response I was looking for! What a great man I have!

"T-Shirt" Target $19.99
Camo Jacket- $39.50

Leggings-Guess $25

I scored this romantic statement necklace at Charlotte Russe for only $5!

This adorable bow clutch was a souvenir from our Cruise-$10

Shoes-Payless $19

P.S. I f you are wondering what my shirt says, it’s translated as “this is not a t-shirt.”  I was completely disappointed when I discovered what it said.  It was so much more chic when I had no idea what it was saying…

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