Wednesday, May 29, 2013

favorite spring color combo

I’ve fallen behind on a few outfits since I have been able to photograph myself thanks to this warm weather.  I hope that you have enjoyed my self-portrait posts because I can only imagine what my neighbors think of me standing outside photographing myself.  No! I don’t take myself that seriously.  I just want to be able to share my passion for fashion in the best way possible. I seriously envy other bloggers who have personal photographers to capture their looks.  Maybe someday Country Living in Heels will be on the same level.

I have been so excited to share actual photographs of my outfits with you all that I have completely neglected some of the adorable outfits that I’ve created especially for you! One of my favorite Spring color combination has become mint and orange.  It’s simply divine!

Boat neck summer cartigan- Loft

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