Tuesday, May 28, 2013

my favorite place

This year for Memorial Day, my family and I spent the entire weekend at one of my favorite places on earth, my family’s cabin. As a child, I  basically spent every weekend at “the land”.  Those acres hold some of my favorite memories and as an adult I still love spending time there.  There’s really nothing more relaxing. 

Here’s a collection of photos depicting my weekend with the Fam Bam!
This was our view all weekend long.  Breathtaking!
My nephew, William, showing off his mad bow skills

 Family kick ball tournament
Some of the best memories are made when gathered around a camp fire.

There was some serious puppy play.
We celebrated my nieces 9th birthday.  Her gift was this adorable puppy  named Toby. He didn't mind posing for Aunt Doe at all...

After everyone left for the weekend, my Mom, Dad, Brother and his girlfriend, cousin and his children, and of course me headed to Moss lake to feed the cat fish...
The entire lake is infested with cat fish.  It's actually kind of gross but it doesn't stop me from returning every year...

We also lured in a massive snapping turtle. It made me highly uncomfortable.

...And no weekend is complete without  a little target practice.

We had a fantastic weekend.  I hope all of you did the same! 

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