Friday, June 21, 2013

Delectable Prints

What else pairs perfectly with strawberries other than polka dots and a wicker clutch? Absolutely nothing!

Completely unnecessary selfie

Clutch- DSW $29
Bracelets-Chain, Express $9.00
Square Pave, Groopdealz $19.99
.Red Bangle-Charlotte Russe $5

Strawberry print top- Forever 21 $17.80
Blazer- The Limited on sale for $49 with 25% off
Skirt-The Limited $59.00

Shoes-Old Navy $25.00
 I recently read an article where the author stated she hated office attire, it bore her.   I found myself being kind of discouraged by her statement. I literally spend 98% of my life at the office in nothing else but office attire! My entire closet is comprised of clothing suitable for the office. In fact, on the weekends, I frequently find myself without a single article of clothing that is not a button up or a blazer.   Almost instantly the dreams of career choices that would have allowed me to fully embrace my fascination with clothing began fluttering across my mind.  Seriously, I was ready to make a drastic career change based solely on the fact that camouflage jeans are not appropriate for my work environment.  And then I had this divine realization, this girl (also considered a fashion “guru”) that was lucky enough to have a column in a major magazine, really has no indication of the real work world and absolutely doesn’t know how to think out of the box. 

Being stylish is incredibly easy when you have unlimited resources and no boundaries.  When your 9-5er requires nothing more than you to throw on fabulous clothing (no offense).  But for those of us forced to comply with office dress codes and everyday life, there has to be some hope.  That’s when I decided that the desired legacy for “Country Living in Heels” is to help other woman embrace fashion in their everyday lives, if that’s what makes them happy.  Cause let’s face it, not many of us are walking around in clothing that walked off the runway, it’s just not practical.

Now that I’m done with my angry outrage, it’s probably pretty obvious that I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement.  Office attire can be fun and bold! Honestly, there’s nothing short of adorable about my picnic inspired office look. If I wasn't headed to the office, I would be ready to attend the most adorable picnic with my seriously handsome husband.  

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