Thursday, June 6, 2013

Show Stoppers

Neon Shoes
Blazer-Target $29.99
Obsessed with white...

Skirt-Loft on sale for $39.99 with an additional 40% off

Tank Top-JCP $7.00

Neon Shoes
Shoes-Sole Society $49
It’s probably one of the most common occurrences among husbands around the world, the legendary eye roll. It commonly occurs when a new pair of kicks is spotted on their dashing wives.  Despite the massive amount of grief dished out over a new pair of shoes, I’m willing to bet my rather large collection that men secretly dig women’s shoes.  What makes me think this? Well, I work in an office comprised primarily of men.  And do you know what they notice most?  Yup-shoes!

These neon pumps are no exception.  They grab everyone’s attention. I mean rightfully so, they basically demand your attention with their highlighter yellow, traffic stopping color. And truthfully, is there any other way a shoe should behave?  What's the point of  fabulous footwear if it doesn’t grab someone’s attention, right?

Pairing my "show stoppers" with my new floral skirt from the Loft was a fabulous idea. The First Vice president of my department complimented me on my ability to match my skirt and shoes perfectly, a career accomplishment?? I would like to think so…