Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Look Book

In an attempt to improve the quality of material provided to you by Country Living in Heels, I’ve decided to concentrate on couple of outfits a week.  What exactly does this mean? I will be working my little tush well, actually pleasantly plump tush, off to provide you with an extraordinary outfit at least twice a week.  I have high hopes that this will help me to be more selective about my purchasing as well as create quality styles and photographs for you! After all, we all know that less is more!

However, there will still be those few random outfits during the week that I will happen to think "Hey, I totally nailed this..." and simply won’t be able to resist from sharing with you.  SOOOOO without further ado, I present to you…

…A collection of a few of my favorite styling moments from the past week. 

Each Friday I will gather a collection of my favorite styling moments from the week.  Each look will be labeled with a look number.  I’d really appreciate your feedback so please feel free to vote on your favorite look!

Look #1: Classic and Delicate
Since statement pieces have been center stage lately,  I have completely forgot how darling simple pieces can be.  Try to remember to switch it up to allow statement pieces to make their intended impact.

About Look #1:

Chambray Shirt- Target $19.99
Skirt-Kohls $19.99
Shoes-Target $30.00
Initial Necklace- Target $19.99
Bracelet-Kohls, $12.99
Ring-H & M $6.00 for 5

Look #2: Color Contrast Casual
Casual dinner and drinks outfit

About Look #2:

Blouse-Kohls $9.99
Jeans-Old Navy $30.00
Shoes- Sears $14.99
Clutch-Charlotte Russe $12.99
Rings-H & M $6.00

Look #3: Laid-back Trousers
Probably the most comfortable work appropriate pants I own.  I felt like I was wearing my PJ's all day!

About Look #3:

T-shirt- Old Navy $7
Assortment of arm candy starting right to left- J.Crew, TJ Maxx, Gap, Michael Kors watch, Loft

Look #4:  Black and Leather for the Summer!

About Look #4:
Shirt-JCP $20
Pants-Loft $30
Shoes-Sole Society $60
Earrings-Old Navy $6.50
Assortment of arm candy starting right to left- Target, Charlotte Russe, J.Crew, Charlotte Russe (Came as a set with #2)
Bag-Michael Kors

Ok, those are my proud styling moments.  Go ahead! Cast your vote for your favorite look with a comment below!

Happy Look Book Friday!

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