Monday, July 22, 2013

Retro and Alpacas

Tank-Target, Skirt- Modcloth

Bracelets (from left to right)-Forever 21, Forever 21, Target, J.Crew

Handbag-Michael Kors

Earrings- Target


This weekend was rather uneventful.  It did, however, provide a much needed weekend of relaxation.  I did not accomplish very much and the highlights consisted mostly of sleep but there were some exciting “country girl” moments. 

I was finally able to meet a friend’s herd of Alpacas, this has been on my to do list for some time.  They were rather shy so I was super excited when one took a “liking” to me.  The friendly, bug eyed guy allowed me to pet it for a few seconds.  He or she was making very weird sounds with its throat and awkwardly bending its neck.  Since I really don’t know a thing about Alpacas, I thought it was totally normal alpaca behavior.  I was quickly informed that the Alpaca did not like me at all and was gearing up to spit at me! That pretty much ended my desire to spend time with the weirdly adorable animal. 

And then on Sunday morning, we discovered that our chickens were finally laying eggs. We discovered our first egg.  It made a delicious breakfast!

Happy Monday All!  

Photo credit:  Sherry Z Photography

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