Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Look Book

If you weren’t a fan of last week’s pattern play craze featured in Look Book Friday don’t worry because I gave mixing my favorite prints a break.  This week’s Look Book is relatively normal…

It’s no secret that I have a shoe addiction.  I own over 125 pairs of shoes-all of which are fabulous.  This morning as I got dressed I grab my old faithfuls.  I wondered to myself, how strange it is that I have so many shoes but consistently resort back to a handful of what must be my favorite shoes?  Isn’t that a shame? I feel like I am wasting fabulous footwear-Shame on me! 

**This denim vest makes me feel like I am embracing my Hill Billy roots and dangerously verging on a female’s imitation of Joe Dirt.  Fearful of looking like Joe Dirt, I grab uber chic accessories to balance out the look.  I must say that I love the edge a denim vest offers when paired with the proper accessories…

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