Wednesday, August 7, 2013

if I had a million dollars

I had a few posts ready for this week but time has escaped me.  I've been so busy finishing up my final paper for my capstone course. Yippie! I haven't been able to squeeze in uploading photographs.  I didn’t want you to forget about me so I figured I’d drop a little note on where I have been this week. Since time is of the essence, I thought I would share with you something I've been working on for times just like this. I think it is a fun little segment.

If I had a million dollars:

Occasionally, I feel inspired by a piece on Polyvore and find the ambition to create a virtual masterpiece.  In other words, if I had endless amounts of cash these are items I would be featuring on the blog.  Today’s inspiration is what I would wear should I find myself in a fairy tale…

  •        Dress- Valentino $895
  •        Shoes-Steven by Steven Madden $149
  •        Bag-Marc Jacobs $649
  • $18.00


  1. This outfit is SO gorgeous!! I would definitely wear it. Oh the things we could do with a million dollars!


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  2. Thank you Amy!!! I know but i'm sure there's a more affordable replica that is just as stunning!