Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is happiness

Belt-Kohls (recent)

Shirt-Target (old)

Shoes-Target (old)

Pants-Target (old)

Bracelets- heart bracelet-Kohls, Spiked Bracelets- TJ Maxx, Pink- J.Crew

I’ve been blessed with 3 of the world’s cutest, sweetest, and well fabulous nieces.  Yup, that’s right I have not one, not two, but three beautiful, sweet nieces.  (So what if I’m a little bias. I’m an Aunt, that’s what we do!) I’m such a lucky girl to be part of their lives.  

Seriously though, they are super adorable and quite persuasive.  Last Friday, I received a phone call from one of those adorable dolls, letting me know that there were some scheduling difficulties and Grandma wouldn't be able to pick them up for the Kelly Picker concert.  Those words said in probably the sweetest/saddest voice in the entire world tugged at my heart strings so I did what any good Aunt would do-dropped everything to go get them. 

Traveling an hour and fifteen minutes was completely worth it because that evening turned out to be the highlight of my weekend.  (Yes, it even trumped completing my Master’s program!) The evening was jammed packed with those little moments that you’ll treasure forever.

As we made our way to my house jamming out to country music, we laughed and sang the entire way, and I thought this is happiness.   After arriving at my house, we headed up to my wardrobe room for a quick outfit change which turned into an exploration of Aunt Doe’s closet.  As I searched out my concert attire, my nieces oohed and aahed at my shoe and jewelry collections.  I could tell they were fascinated with my ridiculous collection of clothing and accessories.  While listening to their laughter as they tried on my shoes and jewelry, I thought this is happiness.   Then that night during one of the final songs at the concert, I held my youngest niece as she belted out the words to Kelly Pickler’s song Best Days of Your Life.  And do you know what I thought?  This is happiness and ironically one of the best days of my life!

Just a couple snap shots from the Kelly Pickler concert...

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