Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visiting our Roots

I spent last weekend nestled in the mountains of West Virginia with a few of my fabulous family members “camping”. In all fairness, I’m not sure that you can officially classify what we did as camping. It may have been a slightly less glamorous take on glamping.  And what I really mean is that we had running water and indoor plumbing.  There weren’t any fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling or even elegant interior design. 

We stayed at Ace Adventure Resort in a Bunker House which I will admit was a little more like roughing it in comparison to the other cabins at the resort. It was bare bones accommodations but the ladies didn’t mind.  We pretended like we were at summer camp for the weekend. The boys chickened out and spent the nights in my father’s camper.  Ha! What survivors they are, right?    

We had all you can eat seafood dinner in the mess hall one night and then live music on the beach the next. Not necessarily accommodations you are normally privy to when camping in the mountains.  The resort had lots of activities to offer guests of all ages including a lake full of water toys!!!  It was so much fun!

Friday morning we spent the day white water rafting down the New River.  It was such a fun experience! We soaked in our rafting guide’s knowledge of nature, braved some serious class 5 rapids, and enjoyed lunch on the river.  There were some laughs and memories made while rafting down the river.  Overall, we had a fantastic time.  
Action shot of us on the New River!

We spent Saturday afternoon at Cranberry Flats in the town my Grandma grew up in and a river my mom played in as a child.

Adore these two

Sibling love

A view of the longest arched bridge in the western hemisphere

Just thought this was a fun pic!

Love these beautiful girls...
Yup, in West Virginia a new generation of family memories were made...

Moments were captured...
...bonds were strengthened...

 ...And many laughs were shared...

Oh! We also got to enjoy a real West Virginia Hot Dog-A family tradition! Yum!

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