Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Look Book

I’m really excited about this week’s Look Book Friday. My closet was exciting and jammed packed of endless possibilities this week.  This is such a refreshing surprise from the usual “I have nothing to wear” dilemma I experience almost daily. I know you can relate to that horrible feeling.

I don’t know if  my creativity was a side effect of school being over (A.K.A more brain power), and if so, A-wesome! Or just thanks to a few simple accessories that I added to my closet this week, whatever the reason may be, I was totally killin’ it this week. Pieces that I have had all season suddenly made an entire outfit-What?!  It’s always a good feeling to have something cute to wear, right?

As always, please remember to vote on your favorite look. It’s so much fun to read your thoughts on my outfit creations! I really enjoy your feedback.

Happy Friday Y'all!  Make it a good one!

The Give Away winner is Megan (megs1687). Megan, please e-mail me your address to receive your prize!!! To everyone that enter the contest thank you so much!!!

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