Friday, November 15, 2013

I see spots

This Clare Vivier clutch and I have been involved in a serious online relationship for just over a  year.  I've been drooling over it for so long it's a borderline  obsession. Despite it's beauty, I've been unable to take the final plunge (a $210 plunge to be exact) into a serious commitment.  I've attempted to satisfy my burning desire with a knock off from Forever 21 but it quickly disappointed me.  There was something fantastic about the elegant leopard print of the Clare Vivier that the knockoff didn't offer.  I was just about to take the leap and purchase the highly desired item when I realized that there had to be something else out there that everyone hasn't already committed to. Thankfully, I decided to end my relationship with the fold over beauty in search of something unique.

Last weekend, when I laid eyes on this superb Milly Dalmatian print satchel I knew I had finally found the one. The dalmatian print is a refreshing take on the coveted leopard.  The black and white palate made it the perfect winter accessory and I just had to have it. Unfortunately,  the $450.00 price tag stopped me dead in my tracks.  And so began the hunt for the perfect dalmatian print bag...

After a few frantic search session, I managed to find this fantastic dalmatian print clutch on Etsy.  Consider it an early Christmas present.  I am ecstatic for it to arrive! What are your favorite prints of the season?


  1. I loved the Clare Vivier one too but just couldn't do it. I settled on this one instead from Banana Republic.


  2. Oh man, I love Clare Vivier clutches. They are so gorgeous. Gap had a fab leopard print clutch that I wanted, but it sold out really fast. That clutch you ordered is so cute!! Can't wait to see you style it!