Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've been slacking on my blog posts lately.  I returned from vacation just about two weeks ago but it seems that I have been on a permanent vaca from style. I haven't been able to squeeze in daily photos of my outfits so naturally my desire to dream up the perfect outfit for the day has diminished.  It also hasn't helped that it is pitch dark by the time I leave work.  I keep having to remind myself that it isn't 10:00 PM when I get home.  The darkness makes me sleepy. I leave work and arrive home with a strong desire to crawl into bed.  Ugh! Winter has arrived.

I definitely miss the blogging world so I will be making a conscious effort to prepare ahead of time.  Since I have nothing fashion related to share with you at this time I thought I would share with you what I have been up to via Instagram...

This past weekend my mom, my niece, and I did a little Christmas shopping together. I managed to snag a few things for me including this adorable pillow for my bed.  I spent a majority of Sunday and Monday on a cleaning rampage.  My house is spotless and I was exhausted-my bed has never been so inviting.

While shopping I got to give my adorable niece some fashion advice.  She was surprisingly receptive of my style guidance. I was so thrilled that she valued her Aunt's opinion.  We had so much fun picking out outfits for her to wear. I couldn't resist the added touch of the sunnies. Adorable, right?

Did I mention how jealous I am of the Barbie dolls girls have to play with nowadays? Seriously,  there are so many awesome outfits for Barbie.  And I thought her closet was spectacular when I was 8. I wanted to be little again so badly just so I could play Barbie again.

This is probably the most exciting news this country girl has to share.  My Dad's goat had a baby last week. She is literally the sweetest little thing. My niece and I couldn't decide on a name for her so I'm gladly accepting suggestions.

Jacket- J.Crew Factory Outlet Online (here)

Sadly, this is the only fashion related piece I have to add to this post. I finally broke down and purchased a classic trench coat for my collection. It's been a piece I've been debating on for a long time.  The J. Crew 50% off sale provided the perfect opportunity to own the Icon Trench.  It arrived just in time for a few outings and then snow made an appearance.  Thank goodness it's a timeless piece!

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