Friday, December 20, 2013

Paleo Journey

I wasn't going to blog about my new Paleo fixation until I reached Day 30 but I've had such remarkable results I couldn't wait to share any longer. Here's my story...

 Like every woman I know,  I've been aware of every morsel of food that has entered my mouth for the last 10 + years. When I started college my freshman year, one of my first classes was wellness. My health quickly became an obsession of mine. I worked at a small family owned gym that allowed me to work out while on the clock. My obsession started out healthy but quickly took a turn for the worse. I began tracking every calorie I ate. I think I remember it being around 800 calories a day coupled with a vigorous all day work out session. I dropped a lot of weight quickly. 

I became unsatisfied with my job and began searching for employment else where. I landed a "big girl job" and my time at the gym quickly decreased. I still monitored my calorie in take but wasn't as committed. About two years later, I got married and there just wasn't time for gym sessions. I started to gain weight but it didn't grab my attention until about 3 years later. 

Between being a full time employee, a student, a wife, and working on a nonprofit with my family stress was at an all time high for me. I knew that I running gave me the biggest stress relief so I went out and bought a treadmill. After 2 years of running every day for long periods of time I didn't notice any change in my body. Nothing. Zip. It was discouraging. I returned to my habit of calorie counting. I was eating like a rabbit but still seeing no results. Eventually, exhaustion began to set in and I knew something wasn't right. I knew I was too young to feel so run down. I finally broke down and seeked medical advice. 

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disorder. Because of my struggles, my doctor and I agree treatment was the best route. I started a daily dose of thyroid medication and almost immediately felt 100% better. But I still wasn't losing weight. My co-woker introduced me to a new dieting approach where you discovered foods that are highly reactive for your body. It was a 3 day routine during which you returned to eating only the basic basics that were known as nonreactive then new foods were introduced each day. If you gained weight from the new foods that were introduced you were to stay away from them as they were highly reactive for you.  I had so much success from only eating the basics, which wasn't a lot of food or variation for that matter, that I continued to eat that way for an entire month. I saw results and that kept me going. I went down a jeans size and felt amazing. However, that way of eating was not sustainable. I craved food and felt deprived.  So the weight started to pack right back on. I was disappointed, tired of dieting, and just exhausted. My doctor switched up my medication and it still didn't matter. That's when I started researching gluten free. It was highly recommended for people with thyroid disorders. I started eliminating gluten and started to see a difference in my energy levels. I was happy with the improvements but still wanted more. My cousin posted an article on Facebook about being Paleo. It caught my attention so I read and researched the approach. I realized that the principles were something I believed in and vowed to start 2014 with Paleo. My cousin gave me the kick in the butt that I needed on thanksgiving and December 1st I challenged myself to 30 days paleo. It's the hardest month of the year but oh-so-worth it. 

I have had amazing results and I'm only on Day 0. I've seen a complete turnaround in my attitude, my outlook on life, and I rediscovered my excitement for life. It may sound crazy but it's true. I've also seen a reduction in my social anxiety which often forced me to down a few cocktails to loosen up. As a result, my desire to drink has diminished. I finally rid myself of uncontrollable cravings. And the best part, my clothing is starting to fit differently. As part of this challenged I banned the scale so I have no indication of weight loss at this point. I really wanted to concentrate on the health benefits and the way I felt as opposed to the physical benefits. 

So the pictures above are my Day 20 results. These jeans are my "skinny" jeans. The ones that I purchased during the "return to the basics" diet.  These babies were starting to get tight! As you can see in the picture of me in the leather jacket, they are snug! The day I wore this outfit I was having trouble bending down (eek!). Today, I'm wearing those same jeans with extra room as shown in my Paleo Day 20 results photo.  Because I feel so much better I'm going keep with this way of life. Since I know I'm not alone in these struggles, I'll be documenting my journey. I hope it keeps me motivated and helps inspire others that are in the same boat!  

So here's to the holiday indulgence that I won't be participating in!  Merry Christmas dolls! Xoxo     


  1. Good for you!!!

    Can you drink on Paleo?

    1. Thanks, Shannon!

      I've read followers that say drinking in moderation is fine and I've read others that don't drink at all. I think it's a matter of your personal goals. I haven't been drinking but I purchased organic hard cider to drink during the holidays.