Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

I am sure that most of you are gearing up to welcome a new year with something snazzy to wear to a fabulous party.  I, on the other hand, can’t help but feel mixed emotions about the closing of 2013.  It has been a tremendous year.  A year jammed packed with awesome memories.  God showed me a tremendous amount of favor throughout the entire year.  So much so that it's making it tremendously hard to say good bye. Since my memory tends to be a little hazy when it comes to details,  I thought it perfect to do a 2013 Recap.  A fantastic way to reminisce and to compile the many blessings of the year. For me, 2013 was the year of adventure...
If you're a regular reader of Country Living in Heels you might remember in early January my siblings and I took a trip to Muskoka, Canada for a dog sledding adventure.  We drove a total of 16 hours to experience the excitement of dog sledding for approximately 15 minutes.  Nonetheless, we had a fantastic time.  It’s a memory I’ll never forget.  The six of us crammed into one vehicle and one hotel room.  Priceless!

Here we are!

Shortly after, Wade and I took a road trip to Washington, D.C.  It’s been a destination on my bucket list for a long time.  The trip is one of my favorite vacations with my husband to date.  Sometimes it’s healthy to disappear with no final destination and wonder around a new city with the one you love.  Adventure makes the heart grow fonder.

Every year my husband and his father take a trip to the Indy 500.  I usually stay home and shop my life away with my favorite shopping companion (my mom!).  But this year, a few of my closest friends (new and old) packed a car full of fancy clothing and headed to the Kentucky Derby.  It wasn’t my first “Girls Trip” but it was by far the most memorable.  Kentucky welcomed us with a red carpet. Clearly, we had a blast!

I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the celebration of not one but two marriages.  Both events were beautiful and so much fun.  I feel so honored to have shared in one of the most special moments for two very important couples in my life. 

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment for me in 2013 was graduating with my Master’s degree.  It feels oh so good to have my education behind me.  And I also managed to score a new job this year so that was pretty exciting.
In August, Wade and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. Wow.  That’s a long time! It was our first milestone anniversary.  It’s crazy to think that we have been married for so long.  There having been trying times but with every struggle we overcome I’m reminded why I said “I do” to this man.  Our love story started at such a young age, it’s been so exciting to watch it unfold day by day.  
My family headed back to our routes on a trip to West Virginia in August.  We spent the weekend at a fancy camping resort where we went on our first white water rafting trip.  It was quite a memorable trip.  An adventure that I’m glad I experienced with my Mom, Dad, and Brother.  We all missed a few key individuals of our family like my husband, my sister, and my brother in law though!  Oh well maybe in 2014 (insert wink).

In late September, Billy’s Gift, Inc. completed a bedroom renovation for a fantastic little girl in Buffalo, NY.  This little girl’s spirit made such an impression on my life.  It was such a blessing to participate in a special event for her. 

In October, my husband took me to the most magical place on earth for my graduation present.  Yup! I went to Disney world for the first time!!! It was so exciting even at age 27.  We had a fantastic time. 

Of course, there were many more laughs and giggles throughout the year but these were by far a few of my favorites.  Although, I’m sadden to see 2013 go I’m excited to see what 2014 holds for me and my family! Wishing you all a fun and safe start to the new year!

Happy New Years!

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