Thursday, January 2, 2014

some where closer to no where


Plaid button up-Old Navy


Jeans-American Eagle
“ We can go someplace where there ain’t nobody around us
Take a ride out there where the stars look a little more crowded
Come on now, tell me what you think about yea
We can go anywhere
As long as it’s somewhere
A little closer to nowhere”
Closer to Nowhere-Kellie Pickler
Those lyrics perfectly describe my perspective on life lately.  I’ve been quite content sitting in my quaint little house snuggled up with my handsome hubby starring at my Christmas tree.  That’s the primary reason you haven’t seen many outfit posts coming from me as of lately.  Plus, it’s too cold to stand outside and take pictures… Brrr!!
 I’ve been suffering from a serious case of hibernation.  It’s a common illness in Buffalo, NY.  So when I do get the hankering to get dressed my style has been a direct reflection of my current state of mind-comfortable and cozy.  This outfit pretty much sums up what’s been going on in my world lately.  Lots of weekends spent wrapped in a blanket with a cup of coffee in hand.  
Can we talk about these fingerless gloves paired with plaid? I think it’s one of my favorite winter looks.  I seriously adore a fabulous cabin fever look for the winter months. 


  1. Cute, Cute outfit.....but not near enough clothes to stay warm. I bet you were cold after pictures!

    1. Make sure to check out tomorrow's post, Melinda. I created it especially for you!